Local Forums for Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection in Stralsund / Germany Print
Written by Tilman Langner   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 00:00

The Hanseatic city of Stralsund is developing a climate protection concept in 2010. As well as technical and administrative measures, education and publicity work should also play a decisive part. The Umweltbüro Nord e.V. is responsible for the development of the publicity work chapter.
In order to actively incorporate the schools, the Umweltbüro Nord e.V. hosted three local forums for energy efficiency and climate protection in schools. It used the methodology developed in the EGS Project.

At the first forum on 25.3.2010, an inventory on the climate protection work in Stralsund schools was carried out. Successes and deficits were analysed. Finally, objectives for improving climate protection in schools were developed.

At the second forum on 27.4., work was started on developing measures, with which these objectives can be implemented. The development of measures is being continued by the Umweltbüro Nord e.V. In addition, the Umweltbüro Nord e.V. will check the conditions for implementing the measures and draw up an action plan for this.

At the third forum on 7.9., the intention is to present the action plan and introduce the first steps towards implementation.