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Grasping of Climate in Theory and Practice

Grasping of Climate in Theory and Practice
School / organization: Norrbottens Energikontor AB (Norrbotten energy network, NENET)
Country: Other Country
Västra varvsgatan 11
_ Luleå
Norrbottens SWEDEN
Email of school / organization: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Tord Pettersson, Fred Nordström
Contact phone: +46(0)920 94121, +46(0)920 94120
E-Mail of contact person: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Keywords: energy environment climate everyday-life
Age of pupils: 10-18
Learning aims: Increase the awareness and knowledge among teachers and pupils about how our lifestyle has influence on the environment and climate, and in theory and practice show how they by small changes in their daily
behaviour can have influence on the development to a climate neutral, sustainable, and to a resource solidarity
in the society in coordination international and national environment- and climate objectives. The project also aims to increase pupils’ interest for energy- and environment issues in common.

Short description: A lot of activities have been carried out in the project aiming to inspire teachers and pupils to work with energy issues in the classroom and provide them with tools and ideas for how they can do it.
! Production of interactive Exhibitions in Sweden, UK and France for children and young people.
! Development of interactive dramas
! Teacher in Service training
! Seminaries for teachers
! Pedagogic activities, development of new methods.
! Tour to schools in a lot of communities
! Creation of an informative and inspirational guidebook with new pedagogic tools for teachers in Swedish, English and French.

Planning and construction of the exhibition were done in close collaboration with experts in the fields of energy, environment and transportation.

Reflection: The combination of exhibitions, training of teachers and pupils with new pedagogic methods has been really successful in the three participating regions in three countries. All together there has been ' successful and established pedagogic methods of combining interactive exhibition and dramas together with theory and practical experiments will be used as
a model.

Teachers also expressed interest for participating in international projects, and understand the importance of cooperation and compare notes between school classes from different parts of Europe. For teachers in common there is almost impossible to manage that without help from outside school, and the participation in the project made it possible for some teachers in a small scale, and we understand that there is a greater need for more international contacts.

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