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Dear partner/signer, here you can insert a press article about EGS project activity. It's particularly important to disseminate our project and its results so, every article that a newspaper (either at national or local level) publishes about us must become here "witness" of our work.

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Experten informieren Schüler über Umweltberufe.

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Gröbenzeller Oberstufenschüler bereiten Energiekonferenz für Jugendliche vor.

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Viscardi-Gymnasium informiert über Umweltberufe.

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Corriere dell’Umbria 15 gennaio 2010 PDF Print E-mail

The first meeting of the Energy Forum, regarding two european projects, “Sustainable Now” and “EGS – Energy education Governance Schools”, was successful.

Indeed, the event saw a large participation and working groups have been productive. The working groups have identified the major energy problems in the area and in the schools. The next meeting of the Forum will be held shortly and, in this occasion, the working groups should identify proposed solutions to the problems of first meeting. The end of the forum will result in an energy action plan and in a sustainable projects immediately achievable.


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