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Dear partner/signer, here you can insert a press article about EGS project activity. It's particularly important to disseminate our project and its results so, every article that a newspaper (either at national or local level) publishes about us must become here "witness" of our work.

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Eco-sustainability: the reconstruction of L’Aquila preserving the environment PDF Print E-mail

Tuesday 11th May – h. 20.45 at Teatro delle Arti – Gallarate, ISIS Andrea Ponti will launch the conclusive activity of the Forum. It is project of an eco-building in L’Aquila a town hit by earthquake last year.

The event is organized together with Brp Editor Srl, Eas Italia Srl and Eas Energy Srl, with the sponsorship of Gallarate and L’Aquila municipalities, Varese Province, Lombardia Region, Asso Solare, Legambiente, Anter.

The central topic of the evening will be the presentation of a Multifunctional Centre that will host classes of a primary school, infant school and lab activities of Istituto del Gran Sasso (INFN).

The evening will be open by expertises of the Civil Protection that will give witnesses of the first aid activities and will talk about architecture evaluation on reconstruction.

The second part will be on energy sustainability and the eco-benefit of the building and the photovoltaic plant.

The ngo “L’Aquila Nuova Onlus” (the counterpart) will also be present.

The building has been planned by Civil Protection of Lombardia Region which has involved ISIS Gallarate in building and photovoltaic plant analysis. From June there will be a turn over of ISIS students in Assergi (L’Aquila) to assist and work for the success of the project.

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La ricostruzione dell'Aquila sostenibile PDF Print E-mail

About a meeting concerning the project for the building of a new school near l'Aquila as far as the reconstrunction after the earthquake is concerned. This school will be an example of environtment sustenibility. ISIS "A.Ponti" will participete in it's planning and realization.

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L'Aquila, l'ISIS progetta un asilo e una elementare PDF Print E-mail

About a meeting concerning the project for the building of a new school near l'Aquila. ISIS "A.Ponti" will partecipate in it's planning and realization. This school will be an example of environmental sustenibility.

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Bester Spritsparer gesucht PDF Print E-mail

Die erste „clever driving championship“ ermittelt die besten Spritsparer unter den
Schülern landwirtschaftlicher Schulen in Österreich. Vor kurzem ging der Landeswettbewerb
in der Steiermark über die Bühne.

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Energy sustainability explained in a course PDF Print E-mail

Will be repeated in the coming months refresher course on “Sustainability and Renewable energy ", successfully organized by the Mountain Community in collaboration with the school IPSIA “Cavour Marconi” in Piscille (Perugia) - school leader participating in the European EGS project  (Programme "Intelligent Energy"). This course is aimed at teachers of secondary schools.

The course (given by experts from the Mountain Community, University professors and Engineers) has achieved considerable success.

Teachers who have followed the course have provided information, materials and tools for organizing in their schools educational activities devoted to energy saving and increase their design capabilities in this topic.

The course also included visits to facilities of biomass and to specialized companies in energy savings through the use of renewable.

The rating of the course was high, both in content and the organization, according to the results of a questionnaire distributed to the participants.

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