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Energy efficiency in schools

logo UN DecadeThe International school congress "Energy efficiency in schools" took place on the 7th - 8th October 2010 in Stralsund/Germany.

Discover the presentation of the event - and enjoy it!

The congress was recognised as an official contribution to the "action days 2010 education for sustainable development", which are a German contribution to the United Nations "Decade of education for sustainable development".

The congress was officially recognized as teacher training by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Federal State Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Multinational Comenius school projects on renewable energy PDF Print E-mail

Nowadays the energy issue has become a priority in all EU countries. Energy prices are soaring daily and shortage of natural resources is looming on the horizon. Our topic “Renewable energy: A future for our planet” is meant to increase awareness and encourage a critical scientific approach. Project language was English.

Important steps of the project:

  • Students’ survey on energy situation in their countries
  • Meeting in Germany
  • presenting students’ overview of each country’s most common problems
  • Science experiments, communication and collaborative work between multinational groups
  • Meeting in Spain
  • sharing results and have final experiments together
  • Preparing final presentation of all the project steps drawing conclusions on energy problems
  • Meeting in Italy – presentation of all countries’ work and final product
  • fiinal exhibitions.


  • Getting to know the other countries’ cultures
  • Reflecting on future of energy and possible solutions
  • Learning to work in groups and at distance
  • Improving English and understanding its value as a global language

Come in touch with such an European project and explore the opportunities for new projects!

The workshop focussed at the following topics:

  1. Prospects, challenges, risks and problems of multinational partnerships using the example of the Comenius-project 2008/2010: "Renewable energy: A future for our planet"
  2. CLIL-lessons, experimental work on renewable energy at a disitance
  3. Renewables in curricular context (short experimental overview with hands on experiments)
  4. Future projects on renewable energy (participants are welcomed to discuss their own experiences and ideas.)

Please, find here:

Jörg Haas, Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium, Augsburg / Germany,

100% Renewable Energies PDF Print E-mail

The District of Fürstenfeldbruck aiming at 100% Renewable Energies. Also other Energy transition towns or regions are aiming at a 100 % Renewable Energy (RE) future to save the planet. Enormous efforts for Energy Efficiency (EE) are crucial!

The participants of the workshop discussed the following questions:

  • What are elements of a RE future?
  • What are potentials of EE?
  • How to start a transition process?
  • How to involve a young generation?

Birgit Baindl, ZIEL 21, Fürstenfeldbruck / Germany,

Energy projects + management at KEUDA vocational school PDF Print E-mail

Different activities of the vocational school were introduced, e.g. the energy guide and the energy week program.

Please, find here some documents from the school:

Ulla-Riitta Kara and Maarit Lavikainen, KEUDA, Järvenpää, Finland.

50/50 - from community to Europe PDF Print E-mail

UfU has been running 50/50 and similar incentive projects for energy effiency at schools from small communities to European projects for many years. We want to share our experience and present the teaching material we developed in such projects. - And also discuss problems of the present time, ways of evaluating the success & sustainability of such projects and tendencies for the future.

Almuth Tharan, Independent Institute for Environmental Issues, Berlin / Germany,

Clever driving PDF Print E-mail

Clever driving is driving with less fuel. Agricultural students from Austria demonstrated it with a John Deere tractor.

The clever driving team

The clecer driving team (picture: VRST)

The workshop took place outside the University of Applied Science.

Johann Robier, Hannes Mieglbauer, VR STMK, Graz / Austria,


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