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The Comunità Montana is a public body established by law nr. 1102 Article 4 the 3rd December 1971, constituted of thirteen municipalities. According to its Statute one of the main objectives of Comunità Montana is to share the conception of the multi-year plan for economic and social development, the Regional Development Plan, in order to contribute to protect

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Training course "Sustainability and alternative energy" in Perugia

The EGS course for teachers, entitled "Sustainability and alternative energy", was held during the period from April 29 to May 13, 2010, and was organized by the mountain community in collaboration with the school leader Institute “Cavour - Marconi”. The course was completely free, addressed to teachers of three schools participating in the EGS project and to all the teachers of secondary schools in the province of Perugia.

During the course were provided materials and tools to organize educational activities related to school energy issues. The course lasted 15 hours, divided in 5 events, 3 hours each. The course provides 2 outputs from leading companies in the energy sector.

For more specific to the subjects and visits, see:

At the end of the course has been issued to teachers with a certificate of participation.

Teacher training in Schio

The training was carried out from May to September 2010 by TRON.

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