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In the year 1993, the District County of Fürstenfeldbruck started a local AGENDA 21 process which was the first step of an Energy Network. In 1998 the Assembly of the District County of Fürstenfeldbruck decided to support the principles of sustainability. The first energy project of the AGENDA 21 was a standardised system & service package for solar thermal use, installed by craftsmen from the region. The great success of this action – some 600 installations worth 3 million Euros – was recognised in 1999 with the German and the European Solar Award of EUROSOLAR.

In April 2000, the 1st Energy Forum took place in the District County and after having been the subject of intensive consideration, the following decision was made:

The District County of Fürstenfeldbruck set itself the objective to base its energy supply completely on renewable energy sources by the year 2030 in order to promote the protection of the climate as well as the regional economy.

The District is the first entire district – at least in Germany – that has consequently taken the road to a renewable energy economy, thereby giving a leading example for other districts.

Since 2001 ZIEL 21 a public-private partnership association and a widespread network of governmental and non governmental members, is situated in the building of the District County Administration. The district authority decided as one voice to support ZIEL 21. The main tasks of ZIEL 21 are comprehensive information activities for the general public, rising awareness in the district, consultation of private consumers, communities and trade, support of technical developments, and support of start-up companies in the field of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.


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