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The Comunità Montana is a public body established by law nr. 1102 Article 4 the 3rd December 1971, constituted of thirteen municipalities. According to its Statute one of the main objectives of Comunità Montana is to share the conception of the multi-year plan for economic and social development, the Regional Development Plan, in order to contribute to protect

the soil, preserve the nature and  promote development integrated policies to make closer the mountain to the plain areas. The Comunità Montana "Monti del Trasimeno" in 2002 adopted the legal name Comunità Montana-Associazione dei Comuni “Trasimeno-Medio Tevere” (Mountain Community – Association of Municipalities of Trasimeno and Middle Tiber). The Agency area of competence is represented by 13 municipalities including in the territory of Trasimeno lake and river Tiber (area of about 1140 sqkm). The territory of Mountain Community, delimited by the green line, is shown here below:



Its main activities are for example:

-       Garden and park design;

-       Planning of green areas, forestry restoration, walking and mountain bike trails;

-       European projecting;

-       Water management;

-       Maintenance of public and private gardens and parks;

-       Hydraulic works;

-       Promotion of economic, tourist and cultural development of the associated municipalities;

-       Authorizations for: cut of trees and woods, interventions on water and geology vinculated areas;

-       Production and sale of trees, shrubs, herbs and flowering plants;

-       Card released to search and collect for truffles.

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