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Umweltbuero Nord e.V. (Environmental Office North, registered association) is a small charitable organisation which was founded in the Hansa city of Stralsund in 1997. We are predominantly involved in the area of environmental information & education.

We work at regional + national level, but we are also interested in international exchange and cooperation. Current activities:

  • We maintain the Environmental Library in the City of Stralsund,
  • We support schools in environmental education; e.g. we work with students, we teach teachers and we provide learning/teaching material
  • We started the "Climate detectives Campaign" in order to involve schools in climate protection,
  • We are involved in the climate protection process of the City of Stralsund
  • We produce very nice learning material for childreen (early childhood education + primary schools),
  • We are the German partner in the European project "Free your River!",
  • We are partner in the EGS project

Contact information:

  • Umweltbuero Nord e.V. (Environmental Office North, reg. association), Badenstr. 45, D-18439 Stralsund, Germany
  • Chairman: Tilman Langner
  • Website:

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