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EGS starts from the need to involve local communities in tackling energy issues and improving energy efficiency. The main actor contributing to involve a whole community and at the same time training the younger generations is school, and more specifically high-schools. The first action will be defining the actual framework of the implementation of energy efficiency at school. Then a Manifesto for the energy efficiency in the schools communities will be prepared and courses for schools staff and for students will be organised. The core of the project will be then the involvement of local actors in participated educational and innovation processes on 4 levels: educational programmes, teachers training, involvement of the local productive sector and governance. 13 forums will be created, each will produce an action plan with at least 3 feasibility plans for the main tasks and will implement 1 pilot action that will be monitored and evaluated.

Expected results:

  • an energy manifesto for schools and an international cooperation agreement
  • a collection of at least 39 new energy projects out of which each school forum will implement one pilot activity that will be monitored and evaluated during the project life
  • 13 school Forums and 13 action plans: each action plan containing at least 5 community projects
  • a report of energy best practices, an energy management and audits in schools
  • training for pupils and teachers.

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