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Thursday, 23 February 2012 21:26

The pilot project “Spritsparwettbewerb” (clever driving competition), which was promoted and boosted by EGS has been and is continued also after the end of the project. In 2011 the clever driving competition was coordinated by "Landtechnik Zentrum" which is also one of the main stakeholders and supporters. The 2012 competition will be organized by the agricultural school Raumberg. So the seed which have been spread during the EGS project has grown and will bring also future fruits. Besides the schools and supporting companies, also school authorities are involved in several provinces of Austria. Mr. Hans Miglbauer (LFS Schlierbach) who proposed and initiated the project says: “I’m very happy with the development of the clever driving competition from an local initiative driven by only some to an Austrian-wide competition supported by key stakeholders. In future different schools will take the responsibility for the Spritsparwettbewerb, like this year it is done by LFZ Raumberg.”

During the EGS project options for a new biomass heating system” in the agricultural school Grottenhof-Hardt have been analyzed. EGS supported the preparation phase of this project whereby the implementation was foreseen after the project end. The project “new heating system” in the agricultural school Grottenhof-Hardt has been just realized. In the analyses done during EGS three options were pointed out and described: 1. Maintenance and further use of the old system, 2. Installation of a new system for heating and 3. Installation of a new system for heating large enough to also produce heat energy for other community buildings. The second option has been realized and the new biomass heating system system is now in use for the first season. Mr. Johann Robier (LFS Grottenhof-Hardt) underlines the successful preparation of the project which lead finally to realize the new heating system: “The collaboration of different stakeholders made the realization of this rather large project possible, whereby the preparation phase was supported by the EGS project.”

A “energy week” was initiated during the EGS project in the agricultural school Gleisdorf. This very successful project where different actions for energy saving, use of renewable energy etc. have been addressed by school projects and presented, is repeated. Mr. Werner Höfler (LFS Gleisdorf) underlines the importance of the project: “In energy week, firstly initiated by EGS, teachers and students worked together on different energy related projects which have been presented to the community. The active participation and raised awareness made it successful, so it will be repeated further on.”


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