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Thursday, 16 February 2012 23:45

Strategic objectives:

  • promote use of bicycle (especially for new generation);
  • promote new bicycle paths (especially between municipalities).
  • increase  bike sharing

The actions proposed started from EGS project by  liceo “N.Tron”. From EGS forum a work group on sustainable mobility and, in particular, on “bicycle mobility” was born. This work group involved important local stakeholders. This project-event proposed specific activities to send out “strong” messages:


Our “strong” messages:


  • FOR CHILDREN: cycling is healthy and fun!
  • BOYS/GIRLS: cycling is “glamour” and lets have fun with friends;
  • And important attractions/opportunities for:
  • CYCLISTS: flea market, bicycle repair, bike test, anti-theft marking/chip
  • LOCAL ASSOCIAZIONS: to  promote their acticities  to many people;
  • NEIGHBORS MUNICIPALITIES: for a common policies to promote bicycle (round table and shared initiatives)

Event 1: “Illuminate a monument with bicycle”

Schio participates in the National venture “M’illumino di meno”, a radio campaign on energy saving ( with a singular team competition: illuminate a famous monument of Schio with bicycle(February 18, 2011).      

Event 2: Festival 2011 (May 7- 8 2011)

Locations: City of Schio / garden suburb bicycle paths

A  remarkable public event to promote use of bicycle, involving as many stakeholders as possible.
Main public activities and results:

  1. Meeting between professional cyclists and students;
  2. Acrobatic bicycle contest and student bike party; >> 20 acrobat-bikers and up to 2000 people
  3. flea market of bicycle accessories;
  4. Bicycle repair shop and lessons about bicycle;
  5. Bike test, anti-theft marking and/or chip; >> 222 marks
  6. relay race in bicycle paths;
  7. “Bimbinbici” (kids on bicycle)  >> 550 partecipant
  8. busker on bicycle;
  9. little “Giro d’Italia”; >> 1517 ciclyst + 2300 pedestrians
  10. road safety education for cyclist.

And 28 new bike-sharing card, 20 exhibiting and….bicycle everywhere!

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