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The (former) GDR built up one nuclear power plant for the commercial production of electricity in Lubmin (beside this, there were nuclear reactors for resarch). After the German re-unification in 1989, the nuclear power plant in Lubmin was closed, now it is deconstructed.

The participants of this excursion visited the (former) nuclear power plant. Theygot involved into the discussion about the role of this energy source (which is a very political issue in Germany at the moment) and came in touch with the challenge of rebuilding a nuclear power plant.

Get some impressions with the following pictures (all pictures by Romy Plonus / ANU):

The excursion was kindly hosted by Energiewerke Nord GmbH. greifswald/das-unternehmen/firmenportraet-aufgabe.html?&L=1


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